Creative Sets

Discover here a selection of possible creative sets.

We would love to develop those sets exclusively for you, together with you, according to your requirements. Please ask for topics, material, designs …

setpearlJewellery items to fall in love with!
Chains, necklaces and bracelets in bright, up-to-date and trendy colours – sophisticated and modern both at the same time.






setmetalStrong chains for strong personalities!
With various cool pendants on offer, this jewellery impresses both young trend-setters and the young-at-heart!




setsterneDer The top seller at Christmas!
Delightful sparkling Christmas stars in various bright colours and sizes – a real eye-catching feature for any Christmas decorations.





Creative Bags – that’s what we think of smart creative sets – appealingly packaged and provided with clear craft instructions.

There are lots of types with various materials: beads, wire, felt, paper and wooden items …

Get it – get started – ready!




Here just a few examples of possible creative bags:



Filzkorb   Osternest
Little felt Easter basket   Easter nest egg
Osternest-Eikoerbchen   Koerbchen-Set1
Easter nest egg basket   Little basket set 1
Koerbchen-Set2   Henkelnest
Little basket set 2   Handle nest
Doeschen   Herzdosen
Little boxes   Heartboxes
Herzdosenbox   Hase-Blume
Heartbox set   Rabbit & flower
Pilz-Eule   Zaunkoerbchen
Mushroom & owl   Little fence basket
Blumenstecker   Holzblumen
Wooden flowers   Wooden flowers
Wind chime